The Etiquette School of Silicon Valley


“Mind your Ps and Qs!” parents would remind their children, while striving to always be good examples. Although this sentiment recalls a distant, leisurely time, far from today’s hurried life style, the need for good manners and correct behavior is ever as important as it was in the past. Not only children, but all of us benefit from possessing this nearly lost art, to regard it as a way of life, rather than an occasional practice, or the preoccupation of the select few. In fact, courteous manners, tactful behavior, easy social interactions are, and never will be, out of fashion.

This is what we call Etiquette; this is what we teach, beginning where it should, with the youngest; continuing with, and updating the teenage group; and providing adults with the essential skill and comfort to feel self-assured in any situation, whether in social circumstances, or in more challenging workplace/corporate settings.