Adult Etiquette Syllabus

Social Skill & Art of Mingling
Entrance, first impression, introduction, remember names, small talk, networking, establishing, confidence, body language, telephone skills, your voice, written communication

Dining Skill
Continental and American dining, other basic table manners and beverage knowledge

Adult Manner
Table manner, office manner, social manner

Image, Wardrobe, Professional Presence
Knowing and creating a style for you, appropriate attire for different occasion, how to maintain a polish look at all times.

The Business Lunch
Plan the perfect business lunch that may lead to closing of a business deals! Impress your clients, colleagues, or your boss!

Art of Gifting
No more stress for finding the right gift. Learn practical tips and steps on how you can become the master of gifting.

Perfect Host, Perfect Guest
Be the most considerate and thoughtful guest or host. Plan and organize the perfect dinner, party, family reunion, anniversary or just about any occasion you need to create a memorable impact.

Be Chic! Time management & Organization skill
Live a beautiful, productive and passionate life. Less mean more! Secrets of fine living without a big bank account. A rich person is not one who needs the most, but one who needs the least.

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