Express Etiquette for Adults

1. Effective Social Skills

2. Dining Skill

3. Adult Manners

4. Perfect Host, Perfect Guest

5. The New You

This is an introductory course specially designed for adults to fine tune, refresh or taking etiquette class for the very first time. The course will navigate you to some of the most important etiquette skills you could polish as an individual or professional in your day to day life.

It would be excited to find out you could actually host a perfect party, know what to wear for any occasion, meeting new friends or professionals at ease with great style, answer to many of the Do’s and Don’ts, but most importantly, your confidence will shine through more than you ever expected when you master some of these skills!

Class is thorough and fast-paced, yet comfortable and fun. Light refreshments will be served.

Class duration: 3 hour

Fee per person: $350.00