Etiquette for Beginners

This is a beginning level class designed for boys and girls in 1st – 9th Grade. In this class, children will master the proper use of all eating implements (including silverware, napkin, and stemware).

They will learn two types of proper dining skills – Continental (widely used throughout European countries) and American (also called “Zig Zag”). Children will also learn how to make proper introductions, using a firm handshake while making eye contact.

We will practice the art of conversation in a social setting. Telephone and Internet Etiquette and Safety will be learned, as well as how to write a proper Thank You note. Throughout the course, we will continue to emphasize the importance of self-respect, consideration and respect for others. By following the course dress code, they will also learn the importance of dressing appropriately.

Last but not the least; parents are invited to a thirty minute Show-And-Tell session during the last class to see what their children have learned. You would be so impressed with your child/children!

Class duration: 4 days of 1 ½ hour lessons

Fee per student: $300.00


Express Etiquette for Teens

This class is designed for mature students (age12-18), with busy schedule and wish to accomplish a four weeks of etiquette classes in a three and a half hour course. Students are expected to have long attention spans.
Course will cover dinning skills and basic social skill. Respect, honesty and consideration are also topics of discussion. Good sportsmanship and internet safety are certainly reinforced. Last but not the least; proper posture is a must for student graduating this course.

Class duration: 3½ hour lesson

Fee per student: $375.00